The Radiant Order

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The Radiant Order is a religious institution devoted to Pelor, the God of healing, light and the sun. The Order champions Pelor as the one true God and rejects the worship of any other deities. A subset of The Order is The Radiant Brotherhood: a group of elite clerics who hunt down magic users.

They seek to regulate magic use by forcing magic users to undergo a ritual known as “Radiant Cleansing” — a process that effectively renders magic users unable to tap into the magical force that gives them their powers. This “cleansing” involves the removal of the magic user’s tongue, hands and eyes. Following this, “the cleansed” are branded across the forehead with the crest of Pelor’s Sun. Those who survive the cleansing are informally referred to as “eunuchs” and they often end up taking their own lives.

Invasion of the Harkenwold


The following speech was given on the mourning of Marin 3rd, 361 EGD during the sacking of Tor’s Hold.**

“Greetings sinners, and blaspherenrs of Tor’s Hold. I am Razin Lightbringer, commander of the Radiant Order forces in the Harkenwold. Your town is one of the first to fall in our holy crusade to bring the cleansing flame of Pelor’s divine light into the darkest regions of the Harkenwold and the Vale.

You have all been judged by Pelor: for treason, magic use and blasmeremy. You have residents among you that engage in magic use, may they be purged by the flame. There are those who have not used magic themselves have provided shelter and safety for arcane users, may they be purged by the flame.
Finally, you house arcane materials in a secret library. These tomes contradict Pelor’s teachings as outlined in “The Holy Flame.” The entire library and it’s keeper must be purged by the flame.

Those who freely submit to the flame will be judged compassionately by Pelor. Your deaths will serve as an example to those who would resist us in Albridge and beyond. Perhaps Pelor will judge you favourably and the flames will take you quickly. Or perhaps you will burn slowly. Those who refuse the flames will have no chance for redemption. You will be struck down like dogs with axe and sword.

For the rest of you, your wealth are be divided and used in our great campaign to conquer the Harkenwold and the rest of the Vale. Your lands after being cleansed will be given to our new brothers and allies, the Goblin Tribes of the Vale to help them rebuild their broken Kingdom.”

- Transcribed by Phineas the Scholar

The Radiant Order

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