Gods, Deities and Demigods


Also known as the Maimed God and the Lord of the Spider Throne, Vecna is the god of undeath, necromancy, and secrets. Vecna was a powerful wizard who became a lich as a way to gain immortality. In a great battle before his accent into godhood, his mortal body was destroyed, and his severed hands and left eye were the only parts of his body to survive.

As a god, his ambition knows no bounds: Vecna not only seeks the murder and undeath of all mortal beings, he also pursues the destruction of all other deities. To this end, he commands his worshipers to murder followers of other deities (reanimating them as mindless undead slaves) and to destroy their temples, artifacts and symbols as a means of erasing all memory of them from the world.

Nerver and his father, Belgoes, were followers of Vecna. They served within a secret organization in Vecna’s cult known as “Vecna’s Hand.” In addition to purging other temples, Venca’s hand sought the recovery and preservation of Vecna’s lost hands and eye.


Gods, Deities and Demigods

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