daughter of Lothik, of war-house Mogh-Lok, emissary of Cloven Skull Hold, formerly of war-house Kohr’Kil


Orc witch


Originally from Cloven Skull Hold in Karkoth (across the sea to the east), Marak joined the Mogh-Lok war-house four years before the birth of Thorik. She was sent from Karkoth as an emissary from the orcish homeland and originally served as a strategic advisor to Kraol (the two became very close). Thirty-four years later, Marak is still a prominent strategist for the Mogh-Lok war-house.

Despite the fact that Marak rarely enters the battlefield, her wisdom and strategy have earned her the respect of the community. Considered an elder when she arrived to the Vale thirty-four years ago, Marak is the oldest living member of her war-house. She is very blunt, and only shows compassion for those who have earned her trust.

She has a book imp familiar named Codex who appears as a leather-bound ornithological handbook when he needs to hide.Codex.jpg

Marak has thick, black dreadlocks and numerous bone piercings in her ears and nose. Like most aged orc women, she is not short on facial hair.


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