The Nentir Vale

Saturday, Dec. 15, Part I

The party follow Karth towards the keep, children in tow. Brie stays several feet ahead to scout the area because stealth.

They stop after several yards (?), encountering another troop of mercenaries.

Brie holds one hand up behind her to instruct the others to stop. Inching along the shadows, she sneaks up on a kobold that would have obstructed their path. She covers its (sorry, his) mouth with a quick, firm grasp, and slits his throat. She grins at the party proudly. They do not react, and she begrudgingly continues.

The party moves forward slightly.

Still carrying the kobold hostage, Nerver reaches up to cast a distracting ball of light. While this succeeds, the effort causes the dwarf to trip, dropping the kobold.

One of the mercenaries looks in their direction suspiciously, but continues forward with the rest of his troop to inspect the glowing orb.

The party successfully sneaks past the first group of enemies.

A bit further, they encounter a group of civilians, and Brie convinces them to join their party’s journey to safety.

Elric, walking behind the group, hears a slight rustle from the trees. He is unable to see its cause, and continues to proceed with caution.

The heroes encounter a second group of mercenaries. Putting her hand up again, Brie sneaks closer. She grasps the ledge of a short building, and hoists herself up to the roof.

Elric casts a flickering light spell (I think?) to distract the enemy as Nerver did previously. The enemies move towards it, but seem aware that something is not right. Some of them start moving towards the party, and our heroes jump into action.

Short swords drawn, Brie leaps down from the roof, piercing through one of the mercenaries.

Verbal dashes into the middle of the field to draw the enemy fire from the civilians, and shoots a fireball at the nearest mercenary.

Just as a kobold approaches a bit too close, Elric hears the sound of an arrow, and feels the air move as it glides past his ear, straight into the kobold’s neck. He turns to find a human ranger positioned on a tree stump, already reaching for another arrow.

The skirmish continues.

The door in front of Brie opens, and another mercenary takes a swing at her. Elric sees the half-elf is in trouble, and works towards slowing down her attacker with freezing spells.

Verbal slowly moves back towards the party, still throwing fireballs at the closest enemies. He sees another wave approaching, and urges the rest of his group to move faster (I think).

Just as Brie gains some distance from her attacker, he throws his javelin, piercing her fatally. This leaves him without a weapon, and makes him an easy target (for Nerver I think? The notes get sketchy here).

Elric approaches Brie, and offers a snarky remark (that I’ve also now forgotten). He breaks off the end of the javelin with his Old Man Strength (I think that was here…) and stabilizes her. Seeing that the rest of the party had gathered, he lifts her with more Old Man Strength and they make there way to the Keep.



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