The Nentir Vale

Special Edition: Brie's Killing Blow

Brie is finally able to shake off the Drow Paladin’s Crown of Madness. Enraged at being turned against her friends, she rushes at him with incredible speed, drawing more and more shadow to herself with every step. Appropriate and Action strike forward several times in front of her, although the motion is barely visible beyond a few flashes of steel. Without warning, this shadow figure of Brie dissipates, and she appears behind the Paladin instead, Appropriate leveled close at his throat.

She smiles smugly, pleased that she will finally be able to use a particular Drow phrase taught to her by her father.

Leaning close to his ear, she tenderly whispers in Drow, “This is how the chicken that lays the bread.”

The Paladin looks genuinely confused. “Wait, wha—”

Appropriate slices his throat open and any further words drown in his blood.

Special Edition: While we were gone...

“And so, I hope this finds us in agreement regarding Amendment 57 of this Peace Treaty between the goblins and the wood elves.” The elderly elf addresses the room, his voice slow. On his left sits Elenwe, her usually-perfect hair standing an inch high, frazzled. On his right sits a very tired looking Eli.

“Wait. What…?” A goblin representative leans in closer to the document. “There are lewd goblin pictures drawn in the margins of this page!”

Wood elf laughter is heard distantly on the wind.

Irasfen leans across the circular table to peer at the treaty as well.

“I see nothing wrong with this as a binding document,” he shrugs and his voice begins to sound a lot like Brie’s when she’s making fun of Elric. “Nothing in the treaty strictly forbids lewd drawings. If we are happy with the wording, then—”

“These are disgusting and I want them erased.” The goblin snarled. The other goblins in the room murmur their agreement.

“I see no reason. Nothing about these pictures invalidates the treaty. You mean to tell me you want the entire document re-evaluated for pictures you deem inappropriate?”

“No. Please, no.” Eli’s eyes widen.

Elenwe says something to Irasfen calmly in Elvish. It very likely contained the Elvish word for “asshole”. Irasfen doesn’t respond.

“Well, I suppose we could add a 58th amendment, outlawing the use of lewd pictures throughout the document as a whole…” the older elf began.

“Very well,” Irasfen nods. “I will have our scholars draft—”

“You get to draft nothing else, you arrogant, frivolous, piece of—-”

“What?!” Irasfen snarls back. “Stand on a chair and look me in the eye when you insult me, sl…nave. Knave. I clearly said knave.”

A very awkward, very sudden silence falls over the room. Even Irasfen seems to recognize that he had gone a bit too far. Just as quickly, the goblin representative roars and lunges at the elf, causing a cascading effect around the room of elf-goblin violence.

Eli takes a long, belabored sigh. He stands and starts throwing the two parties to opposite sides of the room.

Elenwe’s head hits the table. When she looks up, her eyes and staff are glowing. A find mist of sand floats in on a breeze, and we pretend that elves are vulnerable to the Sleep spell to wrap this story up quickly. Everyone except the two Keepers falls down, snoring.

Eli slumps down into the chair beside the Eladrin and sighs again.

Elenwe slams the table with her hand. “Where. The hell. ARE THEY?”

Sunday , May 17

As our heroes arrive at the gates of Throlmar, capital city to the orc empire (?), they see totem poles depicting vicious animals, intricately carved, but fallen into disrepair. The path towards the city leads to a cliff face with orcish writing.

As they approach the gate, they see a gnoll pulling a covered cart that smelled strongly of decay. The cart was leaving a trail of blood as the gnoll pushed it forward.

The party arrives at the gate at the same time as the gnoll. The gnoll is singing, and bangs loudly on the door. Brie tries to peek into the cart but fails. The gnoll snaps an insult at her. Brie brushes it off, smiling instead, intent to kill rising.

An orc answers the door at the gate. The gnoll introduces himself as Grrello (sp?), a peddlar. The orc wants to see the merchandise. The gnoll throws back the covering to reveal cages and cages filled with King Cavalier Spaniels.While the orc is inspecting, the gnoll, tries to get Nerver to pay him in exchange for getting the party in.

Elric tries to show a medal symbol of some sort, but the orc doesn’t care for it.

Nerver begrudgingly gives over 80 gp, causing the gnoll to say that the party was with him. He puts his arm around Brie, who shoots Nerver a quick, disgusted but questioning glance. Nerver nods and Brie smiles again, unflinching, to corroborate the story.

Elric tries to show the orc Verbal’s arm (?), but the orc is offended, as they didn’t keep goblins as slaves anymore. Elric admits that they need help, and the orc goes to check on something. He returns and tells them to seek Marak.

The gates open, and the party enter the large courtyard. It is filled with statues, figures of various races, using different stones, suggesting that they were taken. The courtyard opens into an open-air city, intricately carved into the stone.

As they walk through (with the gnoll in tow), they are stared at, sneered at. A Hill giant approaches, adn the guard goes to talk with him. Another orc with a wooden prosthetic hand approaches the party, looking more like a peasant that a warrior. He is not sneering, but is intimidated. He asks why the party is here.

The gnoll eats a puppy.

The guard yells at Dirk, the peasant orc, telling him off, and hitting him. Elric steps between the orcs, and politely asks about the identity of the peasant. The orc says that Dirk is scum, and won’t entertain questions about scum. The party tries to hide Dirk on Grrello’s cart, but fail. Nerver lies and says it’s completely his fault, and suggests hand to hand combat.

Nerver and the orc fight.

Elric and Brie try to convince Grrello not to reveal that they have a goblin in their midst, and try to stop the battle.

Another orc walks towards the party. He is dressed with outside influence, and a large eye symbol, the symbol of a cleric of learning, is embroidered on his robes. He almost looks human. He introduces himself as Thorik in a well-spoken manner. He offers to lead them to Marak’s home, and explains that the party needs to convince Marak to convene the war council in order to help Verbal.

The party carry Verbal with them into a large room, lit by a single candle.

Two orcs are sitting in the centre.

After their entrance, Marak asks why she should help. Elric proclaims that the Keepers of the Vale are still here, and that there was a place for the orcs within it.

Marak does not answer, but asks to look at Verbal. A slew of spiders emerge from her robes. They bring her a flaming skull with a spinal cord.

Meanwhile, Grrello tries to steal things and attempts to talk with the other orc, who does not reply.

After awhile, Marak answers that Verbal has been cursed with ancient orcish magic, and says that she is unable to help. She says also though that with a Soul Gem, she might be able to do more, but only if it were from another plane, as Gems from this plane would have no magical power.

Grrello tries to make a pitch for his dogs.

Nerver asks how we would know it was a Soul Gem.

Grrello sells a cavalier taco.

Marak leaves to convene the war council.

The orc from the gate returns, and takes them to a plain, circular building.

The party (and Grrello) enter to find 20 orcs and a single drow sitting around a table in full armor.

One orc stands. He is not wearing armor, but is wearing a kilt,and is very muscular.

The party is invited to sit at the table.

Grrello is very happy to be there.

The orc who has stood says that they will share blood wine. It is poured into goblets, and looks thick and red.

Elric comments that they might never have another chance to participate in this ceremony.

Grrello drinks it down right away, and everyone stares at him. Everyone else then makes a toast and drink in a single motion.

Turning to the topic, the orcs want to be convinced that they should help.

Eric floats the idea of an orc candidate for the Keepers.

One of the orcs scoffs at “protecting the weak”, and Elric insists that it is instead to maintain their strength. He mentions the Radiant Order, and says that all races that try to make it alone inevitably fail. He tries to convince the orcs to stand with them to stay strong.

Another orc mentions the soul gem, and says that it alone would be reason enough to go to the other plane. He also asks though why the orcs should not just retrieve it themselves.

Sunday, April 19 , Part II

All I have written for the dragon thing is, “Dragon w/kobolds. Elric tries to talk to them. Verbal emerges wearing mask. Blue Dragon demands it.”

I think at some point Brie threatens the dragon eggs, and the Blue Dragon tells us to go in exchange for the mask. I think Verbal falls down after taking it off, and the Blue Dragon says it’s an orc curse, and we need to see the orcs to remove it.

And then we left for Throlmar, the nearest (?) orc city.

Sunday, April 19

The party returns to the keep after the Cult of the Dragon’s retreat. Governor Knighthill updates them on the situation: the Cult made away with a significant amount of treasure. He asks the Keepers to help retrieve their money. Remembering that the kobold had mentioned the loot was to help with the bringing Tiamat to this plane, the heroes agree. Higgurat stays behind for a reason I can no longer remember.

The heroes track the Cult to a clearing. Here, Elric deduces that the tracks split north and south: a band of orcs appear to be heading towards the Vale, whereas the rest of the cult has head in the opposite direction. He also senses lingering arcane energies emerging from a cave at this clearing. Elric worries that the orcs are from the Vale, and the group decide to investigate the dark cave. for clues.

Elric summons his automatons, and they light his way.

Brie quickly scans the area, and notices a figure lurking in the shadows. She alerts the party, and the Cult member takes a run at her. She beats him to the attack and stuns him.

Another Cult member emerges from the opposite direction, but Nerver is ready for him, and kills him in a single blow.

Verbal finds 10 gp and a scimitar thing on the dead guy.

Nerver takes some of the hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Brie tries to interrogate the stunned Cult member, but he spits blood at her. She yields the floor to Nerver, who begins his very effective interrogation tactics.

The Cult member tells them that there are dragon eggs in the cave that are about to hatch.

Nerver says that a blue dragon killed his family, but Elric tries to convince him that they are not all necessarily evil.

The party continue forward, and see a pool with very dense seaweed. Verbal takes a few tentative steps in, but is dragged into the water by some invisible creature. Brie sees a long root on the ceiling and makes a jump for it, cutting it down.

Elric sends his automaton lights into the water, revealing the jellyfish creatures that are holding Verbal underneath.

Now able to see, Verbal slashes at the seaweed jellyfish and kills it. Nerver causes a huge explosion in the pool, killing the rest.

Elric tells Nerver that he reminds the wizard of another self-righteous member of the Keepers, in that “He, too, is an idiot”.

The party walks through the water to the other side. Bats quiver along the ceiling. Brie scouts ahead with stealth. She sees a dead body half hidden underneath a giant mushroom. She searches it and finds 10 gp and a bottle of wine.

Seeing that Brie had proceeded without any problem, Verbal quietly follows. Nerver also follows a few steps successfully, although the bats start chattering loudly in hearing the squeaks of his armour. Elric follows confidently and trips, causing the bats to scatter. Brie, Verbal and Elric are attacked by giant mosquitoes that were hiding amongst the bats. They easily dispatch the giant bugs. Elric muses that the mosquitoes are actually a delicacy in the region. He eats one and regains a bit of strength.

Verbal catches up, and reaches a curtain and a long, rusty spear. He attempts to part the curtain, but is stung by poisoned barbs. Brie joins him, and draws the curtain slightly with her dagger. She proceeds quietly, seeing a large, brick room built into the side of the cave. There are voices. She hides and waits a distance. Verbal also makes it across the curtain. The dragonborn rider opens the door to the brick room with two human guards. By the time Nerver and Elric arrive, the dragonborn is well aware of their presence. He calls for them to show themselves.

Verbal emerges from hiding. The dragonborn almost seems pleased to see the goblin alive. He asks whether they should fight again, one on on.

Verbal glares at him, accepting the challenge. “An eye for an eye then.”

The two begin combat. However, Nerver is not going to sit and watch idly again. He rushes the dragonborn, causing the rider to roar a command to his two guards. Seeing that they were in deep, Elric also joins the fray.

One of the human guards falls into the chasm to his death (and I can’t remember why). The party concentrates their attack on the dragonborn. Brie sneaks up to the chasm and lowers herself in (hearing the distant, continued scream of the human guard in the distance).

Elric uses Thunderwave to knock the remaining two enemies into the chasm, but they manage to hang on. Verbal and Nerver are able to eventually cause the dragonborn to lose his grip. Brie pounces on the last human guard before jumping back onto the stable ground.

The party heads towards the room. Elric proceeds through the door, and finds a wooden chest on the table. He opens it, releasing a poison gas trap which knocks him out. Taking deep breaths, Nerver and Verbal run into the room to carry him out. Brie remembers that her goblin nanny that someone once told her to turn a body on its side for some medical reason or other, and figures it’s a good enough tactic in this situation. She kicks Elric over and starts slapping him on the back. The wizard vomits, and makes a comment about having a horrible nightmare where he was immortal and caught in an unending battle between good and evil.

Nerver finds 1500 gp, pouches of gemstones, and an official Cult of the Dragon Uniform

The party take a much-needed break. They discover that only Verbal can active the dragon mask, which was in the chest. Verbal puts it on, and it shrinks to his size. he gains dark vision and blindsight while wearing the mask. He also regains vision in his missing eye.

They proceed onwards to another giant cavern in the cave. There are many kobolds, simpering in front of a large podium with flying kobolds and the blue dragon. There is a small mound with an opening to the far corner.

Sunday, March 22

Brie sees Elric flailing in the dark, and casts Dancing Lights to even the playing field. Nerver casts Aid, and all of his party members feel more prepared for the battle.

(very vague notes follow).

Nerver gets knocked out.
Brie kills a lizard.
Elric freezes the enemy’s healer, and Brie takes him down.
Higgurat shoots things and stabs a kobold in the face.
Elric sends baby robots to help stabilize Nerver.

Once the enemy has been subdued, the party run upstairs to find the blue dragon flying in circles around the keep. Brie and Higgurat fall prey to fear.

Elric shoots a ray of frost. Verbal tries magic missile. Elric tries to speak with the rider without any luck. Nerver lands a hit. Brie starts to fade into the shadows of the wall, until she finally manages to shake of the effects of fear. The dragon lands, and the dragonborn rider becomes more clear. He is wearing a mask that is controlling the dragon.

Governor Knighthill calls to the party, asking for help with the ballista. Seeing that she had no long-ranged attacks, Brie runs over. Drawing on her memories of her goblin nanny Angry at herself for succumbing to the dragon’s fear tactics, Brie uses this rage to load the ballista.

A man in Cult of the Dragon regalia appears with a child, and announces that he will trade the child’s life if they are able to beat his champion in one on one combat. Verbal steps forward to face the dragonborn.

The goblin fares very well against the larger, heavier hitter, dodging his attacks with agility. The dragonborn roars with frustration, and unleashes a huge breath of acid.

Meanwhile, Elric uses his messaging spell to pass along instructions to Nerver and Brie. Nerver is to knock the child away from the man if the battle ends badly. Brie is to aim the ballista at the man, who Elric suspects might be in charge.

Brie fails to convince Knighthill to pull the trigger on the man, as the child is currently in the way. She tells him to shoot once the child is safe, and coldly suggests he shoot if the child were to die, as there would be no point holding back. She runs to get closer. Verbal falls to the dragonborn’s acid attack. Elric freezes the man’s hand, and the man drops the child. Nerver tackles the child away.

Seeing the child is safe, Knighthall fires with critical accuracy at the man, who flies off the edge. The rider runs for the dragon. Higgurat has shaken off the effects of fear, and aims for the rider successfully.

Nerver jumps off the 30 foot wall after the Cult of the Dragon leader, and lands squarely on his body, hammer first. The enemy is smashed to bits, his brain scattered on the floor.

The dragonrider escapes with the blue dragon.

Verbal is severely injured by the acid, but survives, losing an eye.

Saturday, Dec. 15, Part II

The party of Brie, Elric, and Verbal arrive at the keep just as they are lowering the front gates. Karth and his children run past first. Elric, who had been carrying Brie, tosses her under the door before following. The ranger is still with them. Verbal hangs back to ensure that nothing goes awry.

Once inside the keep Elric turns and thanks the ranger for his help. Brie and points out there is still a spear stuck in her chest, and Elric moves to try to heal her.

Verbal asks the ranger for his name, and he answers that it is Higgurat, hunter of dragons. Verbal thanks Higgurat for his help.

Higgurat asks if Brie is okay having Elric’s help in healing, sensing previous animosity. Brie is still annoyed that the wizard made fun of her before trying to stabilize her, but gruffly assents.

Elric uses his automaton orb things. The orb breaks in half, and arcane energy pours out of it, and begins to extract the spear carefully. Brie decides to keep the bloody spear bit once it is extracted, and thanks Elric with unusual politeness.

The leader of the town enters the hall, and greets the party. Elric warily returns the greeting, and explains that they are the Keepers of the Vale, here to help. He announces that his comrades will continue the rest of the explanation, but apologizes to the leader in advance.

The leader thanks them warmly, and introduces himself as Governor Knighthill. He explains that they are outnumbered by the raiders. He asks Elric about who his comrades. are. Elric kicks Verbal in the shin in an attempt to make him talk. Verbal just glares, and Knighthill looks at the goblin uneasily. Brie catches the governor’s wariness and calls him a racist. She gets kicked by Elric next.

Knighthill just continues onward, awkwardly. He says that an attack of this sort has never happened before. It is strange enough to see the raiders, but the Blue Dragon’s appearance is particularly strange. He is at a loss for what to do, and does not know what they want.

Nerver drags their kobold captive in at this moment, and says, “This guy will help.”

The leader doesn’t really want to make eye contact with Verbal, and looks at Brie strangely.

Elric tells Knighthill to speak directly to Verbal and Brie, as new representatives of the Keepers. The leader continues to look suspicious, bu tis clearly desperate. He asks Nerver to take the kobold into the dungeons, and cautiously asks Brie if she needed medical help. Brie agrees with unusual graciousness. A little relieved, Knighthall offers them all food and rest.

Later that evening, Knighthill returns, frustrated as the kobold seems to know nothing.

Higgurat casually mentions, “I’ve got carpenter tools.”

Elric tells the group that he also has his methods, and asks to speak with the kobold. Knighthill agrees, and leads them to the dungeons, leaving them alone with the kobold. Elric explains to the kobold that they need information. Higgurat begins to take out his carpenter tools. Brie steps in, pointing out that the kobold might be an enslaved race, and asks Verbal to share his feelings about being a slave. Verbal ignores her, but tries to reason with the kobold. The kobold mentions worries about her family. Elric says that he can help to free her family, but the kobold is suspicious. Verbal agrees that they can help, but not without the information. Nerver threatens, and is successful.

The kobold explains that the Cult of the Dragon wants loot to support their campaign, to usher in the regin of the Queen of Dragons.
Elric knows about the Queen of Dragons: Tiamat. He mentions that she is a 5-headed dragon, the god of all dragons.

The kobold says that the blue dragon has been helping the cult, but does not want to. She claims to know no more.

Higgurat threats with his nail and hammer.

Never asks where the dragon sleeps. The kobold answers with a location, and…something something. (I can’t read my writing).

Elric asks how Tiamat will come to the Sword Coast. The kobold does not know. She only knows that it requires the loot.

Nerver asks about the person in charge. The kobold names the Dragon Lady.

Elric knows of a ritual of sorts that would allow Tiamat to arrive at this plane.

Nerver asks for more information about the Dragon Lady. The kobold said that she participated in the town raid, and that the party would “know her when you see her”.

Nerver then accidentally knocks the kobold unconscious. The kobold continues to repeat, “must…protect…dragon eggs…” while in a stupor.

Higgurat pours water on her.

Elric muses about the identity of the Dragon Lady.

A messenger suddenly bursts in, frantic as the blue dragon has returned to attack. The messenger just as suddenly collapses. A man appears behind him with a knife, fresh with blood.

“Kill them all,” he commands. The lights go out.

Adventure Log: Special Edition

The Keepers were sitting around the hearth, having just finished recounting their individual adventures, and the ale was freely flowing from the cask.

Elenwë stands abruptly, albeit a bit wobbily. The Keepers had noticed in the past that the Eladrin did not hold her liquor well, and that after a few pints, she would sometimes begin to switch back and forth between Elvish and Common. They looked up with interest.

Elenwë leans heavily on her staff in an attempt to steady herself and clears her throat.

“Hantanyel an návë i otornor i avá harya-nyë,” she declares.

There is an awkward silence of non-understanding.

So of course, Brie speaks into it. “Sexist.”

Elenwë glares at the assassin. “What?”

“That was so sexist.”

Seething, Elenwë begins to shout incoherently, mostly in Elvish. You pick out words like, “half-blood”, “shadow lurker” and “Drow scum”.

Brie looks bored. She takes another swig from her tankard, not looking up to acknowledge the insults. In the same motion, she swiftly kicks at Elenwë’s staff. The Eladrin falls in her face and the swearing stops. She seems to be unconscious and drooling, but otherwise ok.

“Typical aristocrat,” Brie mutters. “I mean, you think they would have talked about the Elvish suffragette movement of The Year of the Twilight Hammer in her elite Eladrin private school.”

Her tone suggested that she didn’t think much of elite Eladrin private schools.
She bends down to speak loudly into Elenwë’s ears. “YOUR SISTERS DIED FOR YOUR FREEDOMS.”

After another awkward silence, someone asks Brie what Elenwë had said.

Brie rolled her eyes and stands up, heading for the kitchens. “I mean, ‘Thank you for being the brothers I never had’ Way to stand up for the patriarchy, am I right?”

Saturday, Dec. 15, Part I

The party follow Karth towards the keep, children in tow. Brie stays several feet ahead to scout the area because stealth.

They stop after several yards (?), encountering another troop of mercenaries.

Brie holds one hand up behind her to instruct the others to stop. Inching along the shadows, she sneaks up on a kobold that would have obstructed their path. She covers its (sorry, his) mouth with a quick, firm grasp, and slits his throat. She grins at the party proudly. They do not react, and she begrudgingly continues.

The party moves forward slightly.

Still carrying the kobold hostage, Nerver reaches up to cast a distracting ball of light. While this succeeds, the effort causes the dwarf to trip, dropping the kobold.

One of the mercenaries looks in their direction suspiciously, but continues forward with the rest of his troop to inspect the glowing orb.

The party successfully sneaks past the first group of enemies.

A bit further, they encounter a group of civilians, and Brie convinces them to join their party’s journey to safety.

Elric, walking behind the group, hears a slight rustle from the trees. He is unable to see its cause, and continues to proceed with caution.

The heroes encounter a second group of mercenaries. Putting her hand up again, Brie sneaks closer. She grasps the ledge of a short building, and hoists herself up to the roof.

Elric casts a flickering light spell (I think?) to distract the enemy as Nerver did previously. The enemies move towards it, but seem aware that something is not right. Some of them start moving towards the party, and our heroes jump into action.

Short swords drawn, Brie leaps down from the roof, piercing through one of the mercenaries.

Verbal dashes into the middle of the field to draw the enemy fire from the civilians, and shoots a fireball at the nearest mercenary.

Just as a kobold approaches a bit too close, Elric hears the sound of an arrow, and feels the air move as it glides past his ear, straight into the kobold’s neck. He turns to find a human ranger positioned on a tree stump, already reaching for another arrow.

The skirmish continues.

The door in front of Brie opens, and another mercenary takes a swing at her. Elric sees the half-elf is in trouble, and works towards slowing down her attacker with freezing spells.

Verbal slowly moves back towards the party, still throwing fireballs at the closest enemies. He sees another wave approaching, and urges the rest of his group to move faster (I think).

Just as Brie gains some distance from her attacker, he throws his javelin, piercing her fatally. This leaves him without a weapon, and makes him an easy target (for Nerver I think? The notes get sketchy here).

Elric approaches Brie, and offers a snarky remark (that I’ve also now forgotten). He breaks off the end of the javelin with his Old Man Strength (I think that was here…) and stabilizes her. Seeing that the rest of the party had gathered, he lifts her with more Old Man Strength and they make there way to the Keep.

Saturday November 15, Part II

Our heroes emerge from the portal on a path leading to the town of Greenest (I think…I’m actually not sure that we established where exactly we were). A giant shadow of a dragon passes overhead towards the town, but the dragon itself does not seem to see (or care about) them. The town is clearly on fire. The heroes move towards it quickly.

They quietly approach the entrance of the town, and find human mercenaries and kobolds on guard while others carried loot away.

Brie and Verbal look at Elric expectantly. Visibly irritated, the elderly wizard tries to chide the two of them into taking the lead. While they are bickering, there is suddenly a bright flash of light. A red-haired dwarf stands immediately in front of the mercenaries after the light fades. Without flinching, he roars and kills one of them with a single strike of his axe.

Brie and Verbal shrug, and run into the battle. Elric sighs and follows behind them.

On the battlefield, the cleric dwarf decimates almost the entire mercenary troop, and many of the kobolds, despite Elric’s insistence that they keep one alive for questioning. Verbal takes down…something (I can’t remember whether it was a kobold or one of the mercenaries).

Briesbryn finds 20gp.
Verbal finds 10gp

Elric is irritated that they took no prisoners. He approaches the dwarf and asks him to explain himself.

The dwarf apologizes for his battle fervor. He introduces himself as Nerver. The party converses about the looting for awhile (I can’t remember what we said). Elric introduces the trio as members of the Keepers, and Nerver asks them about what they do. Elric clears his throat, waiting for Brie or Verbal to answer. The two answer bluntly and without flourish (“We save people and kill shit.”), causing Elric to roll his eyes and take over.

The cleric nods at Elric’s words, and proposes an alliance against the forces that are attacking Greenest. Elric agrees.

Suddenly, screams are heard from within the town. As they rush into the sound, Nerver throws a healing spell towards Elric, and the wizard thanks him.

Inside the town, the heroes find a human family running away from a troop of kobolds. The woman, presumably the mother, stops to slow down their attackers, sword in hand. She dies saving her family, but the party is able to take down the other kobolds, and keep one as a hostage. Nerver debates the fate of a second kobold, and eventually decides to let it go.

Their kobold hostage is only able to sob in fear, and explain that he is working for the Cult of the Dragon. Other mercenaries begin to notice the Keepers, and move to attack.

Brie finds 30gp.
Nerver finds 10gp
Verbal finds 40gp

The father, after expressing grief over the death of his expensive Oriental wife, manages to explain to the heroes that his name is Karth, and that they should flee to the keep. After a bit of resistance, as the party felt as though they had not fully interrogated the kobold yet, Brie suggests, “Why don’t we bring it with us? I mean him.”

Verbal informs Brie with disgust that it is a female kobold.

Brie’s eyes widen and turns to the goblin. “Wait, are you a female goblin?”

Verbal doesn’t answer, and instead begins to herd the children towards the keep, with Nerver’s help.


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